Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What was CBS thinking?

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In our news summary this morning, we linked to Politico noting that the networks are rethinking their coverage plans in light of the Thursday speech shift. But in the haste to get all the links in, we missed the big quote in the article:

Obama’s decision “makes it enormously more expensive,” said Paul Friedman, senior vice president at CBS News. “It does add to the overall question of how the networks should cover what is a non-news event.”
We're not the first to note the absurdity of the quote, but piling on is deserved here. We're only talking about the nomination of a man with a more than even chance of becoming the next President of the United States. The speech will be the first chance for many Americans (those who aren't obsessed like we are) to hear Obama speak. Oh, and did you hear, he's African-American? Nothing newsworthy about that....

We would hope that Mr. Friedman sees the error in his thinking and decides that nomination of the Democratic candidate for President deserves the attention of his news division.