Monday, September 08, 2008

Final Delegate Vote Tally - by state

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The final state-by-state delegate vote tally for the Democratic presidential nomination can be found here.

The cumulative finish was Senator Obama at 3,188.5 and Senator Clinton at 1010.5.

That leaves 300 delegates unaccounted for, probably stuck on buses or more likely hanging out at the MSNBC booth waiting to see the next Joe Scarborough meltdown.

Update from Matt: We're going through the numbers in detail now, but already found one interesting thing. When Arkansas announced their totals, it was Obama 47, Clinton 0. But the tally sheet shows: Obama 37, Clinton 8. So the announced votes at the convention may not match up with the tally sheets.

Here's another interesting tidbit: We estimated New York count going in as Clinton 185, Obama 94. The final tally: Clinton 76, Obama 94. 109 of Clinton's delegates chose not to vote for either Clinton or Obama. Never mind. Obama's number in NY was 194, not 94.