Monday, September 08, 2008

Today's Change We Need Rally with Sen. Clinton

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Boston Globe reports on Hillary's speech today in support of the Obama Biden ticket. Like others, the Boston Globe seems disappointed that Hillary is not taking on Palin. I guess they want to see a fight. Click here for the full blog entry.

The Globe's blog comments "Other Democratic female office-holders have been sent out by Barack Obama's campaign to describe Palin's views on abortion and other issues as extreme. But Clinton avoided those kinds of criticisms, sticking to a script of praising Obama and Joe Biden for their pledges to help the middle class on taxes, healthcare, equal pay for women, and other pocketbook issues. "I didn't see that from Senator McCain and Governor Palin," Clinton said, with an Obama "Change We Can Believe In" banner behind her. "I saw more of the same.""

You can see a snippet of Hillary's speech by clicking here to go to MSNBC.

Here is some YouTube coverage (along with a cranky baby in the crowd):

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