Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Gibson Interview

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Josh Marshall has a piece up on why he believes that the Charlie Gibson - Sarah Palin interview will be unwatchable.

His points relate to the fact that the inteview will span several days, and this is how one does celebrity interviews NOT political interviews.

I can't get past the Gibson-Stephanopolous questioning at the Constitution Center debate earlier this year.

So here are the questions:

Will Charlie remember that he is a journalist first, and a panderer second?

Will he ask only fluff questions, or will he stray into questions about policy?

Will he question her record, including the latest from the WaPo about her charging the state of Alaska a per diem for spending her nights at home?

Will he ask how she likes her mooseburgers cooked?

And finally, is there any chance Charlie will control the interview, or will that be the purview of the McCain-Palin campaign?

Maybe you want to let Charlie know what you think he should ask.