Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Price of Conventioneering

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When we last left Joe Lieberman,the DCW vote was 48.9% thought he should be ousted from the Democratic caucus NOW, 38.3% thought he should be ousted in January, and the remaining 12.8% thought he should be allowed to stay and caucus. It seems Harry Reed needed an "other" choice.

Aides to Senate Democratic leaders say Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman will be ousted as chairman of the Homeland Security Committee as payback for his Obama-bashing GOP convention speech — but only if the Democrats add four or five more seats to their slim Senate majority in November.
So the question becomes, how many Senate seats will we pick up in November? We last polled this question on 30 July, and there was a skewed bell-shaped curve.

Even though the polls have tightened (and I'll have that round up for you on Sunday), I'm sticking with 58 as the January number.

Has your number changed since the July poll? Please use the comments to explain your thinking.