Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Next Cheney

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The DNC has updated its site The Next Cheney to educate voters on McCain's running mate.

With John McCain and his new running mate offering more of the same lies and distortions on the campaign trail, the Democratic National Committee today relaunched its website www.TheNextCheney.com. Since McCain chose Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, the American people have learned that she suffers from ethics problems, held secret Cheney-style energy hearings, and relied on the same old crowd of Republican lobbyists to steer earmarks back to Alaska. Since McCain and his campaign have refused to run on the real McCain-Palin record, the DNC is setting the record straight at www.TheNextCheney.com.

"Between offering more of the same lies and distortions on the campaign trail and sharing more of the same ethics problems, John McCain's running mate is proving to be the next Dick Cheney," said DNC spokeswoman Karen Finney. "The last thing the American people want or need is more of the same failed policies and broken politics that have dominated Washington under the Bush-McCain years, but that is exactly what John McCain and Sarah Palin are promising."

To view the new, relaunched website, click here: www.TheNextCheney.com. A sample of what you'll find on Sarah Palin on www.TheNextCheney.com can be found below:

For Or Against The Bridge To Nowhere? Which Is It?
Less than two years ago on the campaign trail, Palin actually ran for governor on a pledge to support wasting federal money on the so-called Bridge to Nowhere. Once Congress killed the project, she kept the money anyway. But today she claims she was against it all along. Which is it?

Friendliness With Big Oil Pays Big Dividends For Palin
Palin claims she stood up to Big Oil, but that's not what the oil industry lobbyists who poured thousands into her last campaign would call it.

Standing Up To Special Interests…With A Little Help From Lobbyists
As mayor of Wasilla, Palin hired a lobbyist tied to indicted Bridge to Nowhere sponsor Ted Stevens to get the tiny town millions in federal earmarks. Putting a Big Oil lobbyist on her ticket as lieutenant governor gave a big boost to her run for governor, too.

Playing The Earmark Game To Win
As mayor, Palin hired Wasilla's first federal lobbyist to win the town tens of millions in federal earmarks. As governor, Palin has requested hundreds of millions in federal earmarks for Alaska. As a vice presidential candidate, she says she's opposed earmarks all along. Oh really?

An Ethics Record To Rival Dick Cheney
Dick Cheney has had a lifetime to accumulate a reputation for shady ethics, but Sarah Palin is catching up fast. Just like the politician she hopes to replace, Palin has come under fire for politicizing top offices of law enforcement in both City Hall and the Statehouse.