Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Other News from Alaska

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While Sarah Palin continues her public vetting, and Ted Stevens continues prepping for his upcoming trial, we should not forget about Don Young.

In last week's Alaska primary (House Seat - At-Large), Don captured approximately 150 more votes (0.16%) than his opponent, Sean Parnell, BUT the provisional and absentee ballots won't be counted until at least this Friday. Alaska law does not have automatic recounts except for exact ties, but the eventual loser will probably file for a recount. Remember "Sean Parnell" is also Lt. Governor.

While waiting for that, you might want to bone up on some of the things that will likely be discussed this week...

Sarah and the Mayor's race.
Sarah and the Alaska Independence Party. Also here.
The photo album (I'd post the actual pictures, but as a vegetarian, the caribou photo is bothersome to my values....)
The misdemeanor criminal record.
Almost being recalled as mayor.

And for all of you who have posted that the pregnancy of her daughter is not fair game -- it wouldn't be fair game if she didn't preach that teen abstinence works. (Here are pictures of Bristol and Levi).

It's like Larry Craig and soliciting sex in a men's room -- do we care that he's gay? No.

Would we care that a gay man cruised a men's room? No.

Did he spend his career legislating against gay rights? Yes -- and THAT is what makes it fair game.

It's not the act that gets these people, it's the hypocrisy.