Thursday, September 04, 2008

What about those reports of Party division?

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Last week, we heard the media report over and over that the Democratic Party was experiencing this massive divide, and that the Party would not be unified heading into the general election. Naturally, the news media need the drama to up the ratings. Only to be disappointed when the DNCC saw Clinton make the decisive motion in putting Senator Obama over the top to claim the Democratic nomination. Dang, the massive divide turned into a massive hug-out.

Yet less than one week later, we see a Republican convention that is not only thinly attended, but sees an entirely separate convention of GOP followers take place a few minutes down the road. The Paultards have been begging for this kind of attention. There's drama! There's suspense! There's people wearing crazy hats! This, my friends, is a division of the good ol' fashioned sort - the critical kind. We're talking news that could have been as big as that "Phish" break up a few years ago.

Where, may I ask, are the media inquiries to this split in the Party? Surely ratings must still mean something.

Or maybe there aren't enough press to cover the divide because the RNC only has half as many press who were banished to St. Paul compared to those who willingly went to Denver.