Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ballots - Not Just for People, Anymore...

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For the few of you having trouble with sarcasm (as in: Jersey is NOT in play) - yes, we know that there are ballot initiatives in addition to people running for office on the upcoming November ballots. Now, on to the regular post:

I've worked the polls as a county poll worker several times, and when we have ballot issues, there are always people surprised to see them there. Face it, there are A LOT of people who do not know who is running in any of the down-ticket races in their district. (And sadly, that is NOT a joke.)

But ballot initiatives are interesting: sometimes they are put on by the state, sometimes they are initiated by petition drives. There can also be things like recall elections, and measures that get on the ballot only after a lengthy court battle.

You can find everything you ever wanted to know about the ballot initiatives
here. Since I don't have the time, I hope that some of you will take some time and see if you can find some interesting ones and list them in the comments.

This brings us to today's poll.